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Why Choose Custom Creations?


Weddings: The idea behind my invitations is to offer a different approach to traditional wedding invitations for the modern bride by creating unique and distinctly different theme invitations and still keeping them affordable. All are fully customizable. Options are unlimited. Several premade designs are on site to inspire and can be use entirely or use as a base to make it easier and less stressful for brides to choose from, as it can be overwhelming for a bride creating something from scratch.  Turn around time can be as little as a few days. Samples of premade designs are offered to give customers the look and feel of the finished product.

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Birthdays:  The idea behind my invitations is to offer affordable party theme invitations for those seeking something that is unique and different. A great way to start off any theme party-I mean what's a theme party without the right invitation? You invitations will be taken care of while you come up with the master party plan. Your guests are sure to love them! All are fully customizable. Options are unlimited. 

Important events deserve special attention because they are unique and once in a lifetime occasions. Set the stage for your event with the perfect custom invite that will be the talk of the town and surely leave a lasting impression.

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